March 22, 2012

TGE Teacher Art Night

The teachers wanted to do flowers again...some had missed the tulips night...others missed the sunflowers we just did whatever flower they wanted kind of night.  The variety was AMAZING!  I had a Power Point with many examples, and was there to help anyone that needed it.  I "charged" $2 to cover the cost of canvas(it was 2 for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby 8x10).  

Everyone was working so hard, and many taking risks now that this was their 3rd time painting & they were gaining some confidence in their painting!


  1. These are beautiful...
    Are you using acrylics?

    I would love to do this with my fellow teachers, even though I am not an art teacher.

    I've been following your blog all year. Great job, Mr. E!

  2. What a great idea. Do the teachers buy their own paint or do you provide it?

  3. Do these ladies hit on you a lot?LOL You are the sweetest thing to provide the staff with a fun and creative "non-kid" activity. The flowers are all very inspired and colorful!


  4. Great idea to offer that kind of activity for your colleagues! I am sure they appreciate it. Some of them learn new things! Just great!