March 12, 2012

It's an Art!

So as I posted baby girl turned 3!  We had a Princess Party for her...including a princess Barbie cake.  We thought this would not be a major issue...I worked in the bakery in college...we watched a YouTube video on how to construct & ice the Barbie cake.  No problem...right?!?!!?
Everything that could go wrong...did go wrong!!  One of the layer cakes would not come out...well...I should say come out in one piece.  We realized all the cakes shrunk BIG TIME...and they would not come up high enough on the doll.  THEN I broke the head off of the doll.  After hacking off the legs so the doll would fit in the shrunken cake....I put the crumb coat on and went to place it in the refrigerator...AND IT FELL OFF THE CAKE STAND INTO THE REFRIGERATOR!?!?!?!!?  

I guess when it said ADD ONE didn't mean this?!?!  

I got the cake back on the cake stand & my wife was able to get it into the refrigerator to chill.  She put a second coat of icing on it...and then left it to me to make it pretty.  

This was the finished turned out ok...but I'm not quitting my day job anytime soon!

My pretty Princess Margaret had a wonderful day..and was none the wiser about the drama that was her Barbie cake!!



  1. a friend here had a 50th bday party over the weekend and a similar take on this cake
    was made for her! :)

    your cake is lovely, by the way- happy birthday to your little sweetie!

  2. I hope that when the kids ate enough to get to the legs, they were horrified to find barbie mutilated! What a funny story and darling cake. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh No! My friend Mr. E is a Barbie MURDERER!!! How vile!

    Seriously, I'm cracking up looking at at that photo of poor Barbie and the beaters. But you and your wife are amazing - somehow together you pulled it off and the cake is fabulous. I'd like a Barbie cake for my birthday too! You have a lucky daughter.

    Now what will you do with those Barbie body parts?

  4. Ha! Your Barbie cake looks wonderful! Your story takes me back to my similar fiasco trying to make my son's 5th birthday pirate ship cake. It was such a disaster my husband ran to the market and bought a sheet cake.

  5. Aw, you did a great job Ted! Years from now, your baby girl will look back at these pics and think, "wow! My daddy made that for ME!!" Awesome job, friend!! :)

  6. LOVE this! Your posts are too funny! I laughed out loud when I saw the Barbie parts sticking out of the bowl! Absolutely hilarious! I was thinking of making a princess Barbie cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday and now I know to make it after the kids go to bed so they aren't scandalized by my swearing and wrestling Barbie--I cannot believe you broke off Barbie's head--HA! Anyhow, the final result was beautiful, great job!

  7. Just in case you ever have to do this again. Putting the cake on a wrapped cardboard box helps. Cut a hole in the top of the cardboard box and tada Barbie keeps her legs.
    You did a great job making it and it looks like lil one had a great birthday!