March 01, 2012

LET THEM EAT CAKE! : 3rd Grade

As a follow up lesson to the Wayne Theiebaud cake stands, this week I had my 3rd graders create a slice of cake on a plate.  This really has been perfect timing with what they are learning in their math!  We used construction paper crayons instead of oil pastels.  


  1. I just LOVE Wayne Thiebaud's cakes. In January I had our 5th graders do some oil pastel cakes (with a slice cut out) on silver platters. They've been on display in the hallway and the other day a little 2nd grader asked me if he would get to make cakes like that when he was in fifth grade. SO CUTE!! Isn't teaching art just the BEST!!??

  2. Hi Ted:
    I taught your project to my second graders last week. Super successful! The construction paper crayons are great. And of course, the students all tell me Wayne Thiebaud's art makes them hungry.