March 22, 2012

Create Something!

There is a challenge going around the web for create! Shouldn't be hard right?? art teachers you are aware that sometimes it is challenging to continue creating your own work with all the demands of what we do.  So here is the challenge....

FIRST:  I will create something for the first THREE people to comment on this post....who say they would like to participate in the challenge(who are not already participating through another blog/post).

SECOND:  If you say you would like to must issue the challenge somewhere(blog/facebook/twitter..etc) & personally make SOMETHING in 2012 (sooner than later so ya don't forget) for three poeple who will pledge to make something for three more people!

THIRD:  If you are one of the first three to respond to this challenge & say you will participate...send me your mailing address in an e-mail so I can send you your creation when I am finished with it!!  
(my e-mail is in the contact section of my blog)


  1. Mr. E. Love your blog and ideas - I'm currently doing the smae thing with 5 of my art friends on FB. Would love to jump into this.
    It is a great idea!

  2. This is a great idea. I'd love the challenge!

  3. are in....Scott...I'm a bit said you are doing this on FB...but then you said "Would love to jump into this" is that a yes or no from you?!?(sorry for my confusion) said you'd love the challenge...does that mean you are in???

    If you are in...e-mail me at with your mailing when I'm finished..I'll send you your work.

  4. I would like to participate!! Count me in- thanks!!

  5. Are they in or not? If there is still an opening, I will take it.

    Karen E