March 26, 2012


After "Flat Mr. E's" adventures at NAEA NYC...the generosity of Phyl for haulin' my picture around to take photos...all the teachers that posed with "me"....ya gotta realize art educators are just good people!!  THEN..out of no where...I received a package in the mail from NJ.  ??WHAT??  I wasn't expecting anything?!?!!?  Renee Collins from My Adventures in Positive Space sent me a package of goodies from conference!!!!!!  I've never met Renee in person...just one of my bloggie buddies here in cyber world.  I just think this testifies to the amazing community of people we have connected with in art ed blogging! I was so encouraged by Renee's act of kindness!!!!!  

If you don't know her blog....take a moment and visit it today!!!!


  1. Aww shucks... Thanks for the lovely post. I just got your card today too. I'm glad you liked the package, and hope you use it well. Just remember me when the convention hits the Tennessee area! Just kidding. I agree that our online community of art teachers is amazing! I am constantly inspired, supported and informed. Best to you and family,

  2. You lucky duck!!!! Create something COOL with all of that loot and then post it!!


  3. Totally cool! What a nice thing for Renee to do. Have fun with all those great goodies!