December 13, 2011

Pinterest Project : TP Roll Snowflakes

Yes, I know they kind of look like flowers, but use your imagination people!  
We used paper towel & tp roll tubes, rulers, pencils, scissors, glue, & glitter.  
Cut the tubes in 1 inch'll need 6 of them to make each "snowflake".  One of the key things is to not use too much glue in attaching the sections together.  I glue & stack all six pieces together...holding for a minute or so before opening it up.  Then glue the end pieces together to complete the building of the piece.  Then have a plate of glue and dip it from there...into a plate of glitter.  Rinse and Repeat! :) HA!
I had my 4th graders do this..but it could easily be done by 2nd or 3rd as well.  


  1. Very cute. Can't wait to try it with my girls. We have tons of tp rolls saved! Thanks!

  2. My students and I did this together but we painted them red, glued red construction paper to the back of them and called them poinsettias! They turned out great. I like the snowflake idea too.