December 09, 2011

Clay Masks: 3rd Grade

So several years ago I took a clay class where the instructor said that he often used acrylic paint with his younger students. Being a professional clay artist....I felt he gave me permission not to glaze everything! That was a weight off my shoulders.  I have over 100 students in every grade level...20+ student in each class. It is so time consuming to glaze everything and fire it(and $$$).  So...whatever you do...awesome...but I use acrylic paint for most of my clay projects.  My 3rd graders did these fun masks..most with an animal influence.  I'm praying my kiln holds out awhile is OLD...and I have no idea where the money would come from for a new one. I may try Donors Choice out.  


  1. I may be getting a kiln next fall- super excited about that! I was just wondering about glazing since I've not had to order glaze before. I'm glad to read your post so I can be prepared!

  2. Katie- I like wonder-glaze. It is a Mayco product. No mixing, no clear glazes needed, and the colors are close enough to true that the kids kind of know what they are using. It seems pricey, but if you buy a classpack,you have a good selection, and a little goes a long way. Plus, the names of the colors are just amusing. Fires at 04/06. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I have a similar student load and I was wondering about your process for these masks. I only see my students once a week for 35-45 minutes. Did you start with a pinch pot?

    1. No..more of a slab, but they have a balled up piece of paper under it. I have my kids 60 min a week.