December 06, 2011

Penguins Make Me Smile: Kindergarten

This week my Kindergarten students have been working on patterns.  We read one of my many winter penguin books & created this wonderful works of art.  I had encouraged them to give the penguin a little personality...and to my great joy...they did!!!


  1. Kindergarten penguins always make me smile too. Could you share some of the penguin book titles you use?

  2. This is so cute! Did you give them instructions on how to draw the penguin or just let them do their own little interpretations?

  3. I did give them some basic instruction on how to draw a penguin...we talked about the shapes that made up a penguin, but I let them take it where they wanted to.


    Penguin's Special Delivery by Debi Gliori

    The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly by Catherine Vase

    Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice by Steve Metzger

  4. I love the one on the left that looks like he is looking up. It looks like a cross between an angry bird (from the game) and a penguin :) great work!

  5. Too Too Cute- glad to see your children were so successful- I am doing penguins tomorrow with 4 year olds- we are studying texture so we will wash over it with epsom salts- hope it works! Another great penguin book is "A Penguin Story" by Antoinette Portis- it is about a penguin who goes looking for something else- something that is not white, black or blue- she finds... ORANGE! good intro for our next section- color!