December 15, 2011

Completed Circle Weavings : 3rd Grade

Here are some of the completed circle weavings.  For those of you wondering about the loom...I buy the "craft circles" that are in Sax/School Specialty, Dick Blick..etc.  They have one side cardboard & the other white.  The white surface is great for using markers on(though the kids still need to "deal" with the ridges created by the cardboard)   


  1. Love them! Very colorful. Will you make a special visit to my school to teach them how to weave? ;)

  2. I looked on DickBlick and there are no craft circles on this site.

  3. I found them!
    Design Circles Sax/School Specialty 2012- catalog pg 151.
    item #9-216713-705 for 10in. and 9-216714-705 for 12in. 100 in a pack.
    Thanks for a great lesson!

  4. I actually did something I pinned! The kids loved these I even had a bunch of students take them between classes because they were so addicted to the weaving... To mix things up a bit we used cereal boxes to make our circles then covered them in aluminum foil and did radial designs in colored sharpie. They looked rad. I have a few pics just need to figure out how to share them...

  5. OH! I like that idea of using aluminum foil!!!!! Love to see them. Would be happy to share them on my blog if you like. Just e-mail me pics and your school information!!