October 06, 2011

Teacher Art Night: With A Purpose

Last week at our Brushes & Beverages night with the classroom teachers it was suggested that we get together again before our annual Fall Festival (this week!!!)to paint another picture for the silent auction.  They were thinking the kids might want to buy paintings done by their teacher.  Extremely short notice...and lack of funds....I sent an e-mail to the teachers Tues. that Wed. I'd be in my classroom till 5 & that I'd host another painting time for the purpose of auctioning them off at the silent auction.  However, I'd need $2 a person to be able to buy canvases for the teachers.  9 teachers came!!!!!!!  I think that is pretty awesome.  Once again...we had a great time, and some beautiful pictures were made!!  I'll let you know how the silent auction goes next week. 


  1. Beautiful! You have talented teachers! Did you give them any instructions? I am planning a huge art show/fundraiser for my GT students in the spring. I love your idea, it's such a great way to get more teachers involved! I would appreciate any hints or suggestions you may have.

  2. This is such a fabulous idea, and they are a talented bunch of teachers. I like every painting; they should be so proud!! I'd love to hear how selling them goes.

  3. Ted,
    I think you should note your recent honor at the top of your blog next to your picture. TennesseeArt Teacher of the Year! O!)h yeah!(love the flower post:)Pat