October 29, 2011

Observational Drawing of a Shoe w/ a Twist!

I'm working on a unit with forth grade this nine weeks that deals with reality & fantasy.  We discussed the need for fantasy to possess elements of reality so that our minds could more readily grasp the information being presented.  We looked at & discussed surrealism...as well as different examples from literature.  Students were asked to pull one shoe off and create a realistic observational drawing of that shoe.  After a half hour(half of the class time), students were asked to turn their realistic picture of a shoe into a fantasy drawing that had to include an environment.  The results were amazing!  The old tired shoe lesson now has new life!!!!!!!!  Oh...and FYI...make sure you open your windows/doors when doing this lesson!! 4th grade feet are terribly stinkie!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I've done this too, with contour line drawings of shoes. The kids always have the coolest ideas! - I've seen everything from snowmobiles (they're probably not too popular in Nashville) to sharks and more. I like what your kids came up with!