October 01, 2011

The Mayor's Project: Mayor Dean & 1st Grade

So the project was a mixed media folk art landscape.   Knowing that the Mayor's time in my room could cause things to not go according to plan...I precut the fabric for the ground & the blue tissue paper for the sky....as well as boxed up the puzzle pieces & sticks for each table(I'd normally not do all of this).  I was mostly interested in seeing students' construction.  After students had finished gluing all their pieces down, I gave them a plate of red, yellow, orange, and green tempera paint to go over their puzzle pieces.  If students finished with painting their leaves, they were allowed to get wood circles to create pumpkins.
Mayor Dean was in my room for about 20 minutes...so he was unable to finish his picture.  I truly appreciated him getting in there and working along side my students though! 

 Here is Mayor Dean's work! 


  1. What a perfect use for my bags of old puzzle pieces! Beautiful!

  2. What a cool experience for the kids to have the mayor working alongside them!

  3. This is great! We have a die cut machine with puzzle pieces, I could cut out watercolored papers for them to use!
    I met one of your friends at a yearbook workshop, and now I can't remember her name! :(
    She was from a smaller school...