October 01, 2011

Nashville's Mayor Kicks Off Artober at TGE

This is "The Arts" team at Tulip Grove!  Mr. Atkins & Mrs. Turner
are our music teachers(and they are amazing!). 

Mayor Dean speaking to the press in our media center(I left the pics out of me speaking!!ha ha).

Lots & lots & lots of media!  All of Nashville's news crews & several papers!

Mayor Dean joined us in the art room for a lesson(the art work for this lesson
will be in my next post).  We did Mixed Media Folk Art Landscapes(I like wordie lessons!).

Mayor Dean joining the kiddos...ready to work!

PEOPLE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!  It was like a day at the zoo in the art room....and I
 was the animal they came to see!!! ha ha

Seemed like he was getting into it right before he had to leave(did not get to finish..had to
 go to the music room...tight schedule). 


  1. Ted,
    You must be so proud! You did a great job of advocating for Visual Arts, kids and art education. As a fellow art teacher, I am proud of you! I also love how neat and organized your art room is. What a wonderful place for the students to learn!

  2. Thank you so much Pat!!! :) Means a lot!!!

  3. this is terrific! Thank for the Idea .. i might borrow it for youth art month in March! Of you posts mentioned about art conferences.. we just had ours in NJ.. got some good info on art ed and bullying, same some new products, heard about how to promote the arts. It was good to get recharged and get some new ideas. Also congrats on teacher of the yr.!! I am going to mention you in my next post about the art ed conference. Thanks for your blog! it is one of my fav's!!