October 31, 2011

TAEA CONFERENCE 2011 : Memphis College of Art

I had never been to Memphis(having lived in TN for 15 yrs...shame that I had not been!), and was so excited to go to this year's conference there!!!  It was held at Memphis College of Art....totally in love with this building!  What a beautiful fall weekend to have it too!  The trees were amazing & the air very brisk(which I love).  However, most of my time was spent inside.  I took two 5 hr studios(more on that later), went to several "sessions", enjoyed eating with new & old friends, got my award for being State Elementary Art Teacher of the Year, and enjoyed BBQ Nachos at Central BBQ(AMAZING).  I'll have seperate posts for the studio classes & the awards ceremony over the next couple days.  Hope many of you were able to attend your state conferences...what a joy to gather with like minded people & share the good, bad, and the funny!  To all my new blog readers from the conference...welcome!!!  Don't be a stranger...comment/e-mail/share!!!!!

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