September 28, 2010

What Book Would You Buy?

I've always wanted to write a book.  I have several ideas that are extremely different.  What kind of book would you buy??  What would you invest your money/time/self into?  There isn't much out there that I've been super excited about in the art ed field.  I'm interested to hear what you all have to say!! 


  1. I think a good section on classroom management (positive discipline, procedures in the art room, supply organization) would be something I'd be interested in. Especially as relates to teaching today. I am also interested in how to make art class relevant (why should they care about van gogh or da vinci or warm and cool colors?How do we make art and art history current and related to their daily lives) especially in an urban setting (that's just me:) I would also like anticipatory questions to be added to lessons in the books I buy. I always have to come up with a good question to start the lesson and engage the kids. . . I would rather have that done for me! Can't wait to see what you're thinking of writing. I'll buy it!

  2. Funny Erica said that, since I just posted something about art room procedures and how it's never to late to learn new ones.

  3. I would buy a book of the best and most successful projects you have used in the classroom. Your Chihuly project is brillant! I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate his use of color and form in glass in my classroom.

  4. I agree with Erica. I spend alot of time looking for ideas of how to set my room up and love pictures of classrooms (the visual learner in me) and classroom management. I like to see how people use materials in new and interesting ways too.

  5. Phyl can you link that post??? I'm interested but can't find it.

  6. I also have always dreamed of writing a book- Wanna do it together? Haha. Creative people always must brainstorm their wildest ideas in hopes of one sticking. Seriously though.... Have you actually looked into the steps of this process or are you just brainstorming for now?

    Here are some topic ideas I've been thinking of:
    -Organizing the art room
    -Positive attitude and management in the classroom
    -Art and literature: project that go with children's books
    -Architecture and the art room
    -"Specials" being a specials teacher in the school. Survival skills for coping

    The ART of Education