September 09, 2010

HOw DoEs THiS HaPpEN?!?!?

Every year I go through my scrap paper box and pull out little scrappy stuff & put in some new good paper(well..I actually do this several times a year because I'm a bit OCD).  This week my second graders have been creating a collage that is requiring a good amount of paper. box seems to be now over flowing?!?!  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!?!? ha ha  Do scrap boxes reproduce????


  1. Crazy as it sounds, I have my scraps sorted by color into boxes at the front of my room. How ocd is that? But the kids love being able to find exactly what they need and I like having them clean as they go.

  2. You are not alone!! I'm glad to know my scrap box (actually boxes) isn't the only one to be multiplying exponentially. I separated it into a smaller box of long strips, a box of just white papers, a box of crazy papers - patterned, metallic, etc, and even tried to separate geometric shapes, but they sneak back in to each other's boxes overnight and are now both mixed up AND multiplied. I feel like, if I don't watch out, my art room will end up on an TV episode of Hoarders!

  3. I have 3 boxes...warms, cools, and neutrals. (strengthen that vocab) I also have the rule that it must be a square or rectangle shape before entering the scrap box. Otherwise the end up being tiny useless pieces with jagged edges :)