September 03, 2010

1st Grade Real/Unreal

I wanted to start the year talking about using our imagination.  After looked at & discussed works of art that were real...and others that were unreal...we talked about how artists take elements of real to create their unreal work a lot of the time. Using real elements in an unreal way took the artist's imagination.  One student said..."it's crazy but cool!"  EXACTLY! ha ha  I had the students pick an animal and place it in a human type environment/setting.  We discussed many examples, but I wanted  them to come up with something that was using THEIR imagination & not just copying me. 

I know!!! 1st grade?!!?!? I love this one.  He was amazing as a kindergartener too!!!

These two are much more in-line with 1st grade work. 

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  1. He is amazing!!! I love your horizontal=sleeping (or dead) comment! Made me laugh.