September 02, 2010

Kindergarten Using Markers

It is our 3rd week & and my Kinderbabies are just starting to get the hang of being in school(at least most of them).  Kindergarten is all about introducing new materials & teaching proper procedures for materials... exposing & the students a chance to apply their exploration.  They are actually my fav. group to teach(after the 1st six weeks..ha ha).  I'm amazed at how far the progress and what little sponges they are!!!!  This week we read A FISH OUT OF WATER(it is a Dr. Seuss book).  This was one of my fav. stories as a child( The Spooky Old Tree..a Berenstain Bears book & Poky Little Puppy ..a Little Golden Book are the other two).  The kids loved it.  Paper plates acted as our fish bowl.  They used pencil to draw fish, seaweed, and gravel.  After that I introduced markers.  We talked about not mixing colors, using the points for small spots, the sides for big spots, and making sure the marker "clicked" shut when they were done using it.  Over all the kids did a GREAT job.  There were a few I reminded to put lids on or how to close them..etc.  At the very end I had them place glue in their gravel area & we put actual fish gravel on their pictures!  That was a special treat & they were so excited about it. 


  1. I love this. Will store it away for our 'water' theme :)

  2. gotta love how many uses there are for paper plates! Good lesson with some basics- thanks for sharing!