September 21, 2010

Chihuly "ing" Macchia/Seaforms - 1st Grade

I used Diffusion Circles from School Speciality Catalog for this lesson. You can also use coffee filters, but I do like the diffusion circles better. Standard water based markers...making sure you have a mat paper under the circle or your tables will be very colorful!!  The students then scrunched up their mat paper into a ball and put the circle over it.  They used a pipe cleaner to secure it in place(first time I used pipe cleaners for this project...was sooo much easier than string!!!)  Use  liquid starch in a spray bottle to sprits the form.  This will allow the colors to bleed together & create a stiffer finished form(the diffusion circles have a bit of a stiffer form naturally than the coffee filters).


  1. Cool idea- I am interested in the brand of liquid starch you used and where you got it from. Would using watered down PVA glue ie white glue do the same.
    Cheryl H
    Perth Australia

  2. ohhhh this is a very cool way to use the coffee filter idea

  3. It is great to see coffee filters used in such a creative and original way.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. I am assuming these are the 9.5" circles and not the 18" circles, although they look very big in the photos. I just heard about this paper the other day. I have to try this! Thanks for sharing!