May 07, 2021

Watercolor Pencil Still Life: Cezanne Inspired

 I had not used watercolor pencils with my 3rd graders, and was excited to have them create with a new (to them) medium!  We watched a short video about Paul Cezanne & his still life work to kick the lesson off.  I then gave them the watercolor pencils and 90 lbs wet media paper.  I did not allow them to draw with regular pencil first.  They were a bit scared to start, but then were totally into it!  Most of them did get to the point of painting by the end of class.  Next class time I passed their work back out and asked them to take a good look at their art.  I asked them to identify 3 things they like & 3 things they would like to improve.  I passed the watercolor pencil back out, and allowed them 20 min. to make the changes they felt their work needed.  They used the rest of the time to paint. 

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