May 12, 2021

...had to laugh...

 Today was my "virtual" day.  I teach 9 virtual classes & 1 in person.  I was on the last class of the day.  I love this group of kids.  They talk...A LOT...but they are so much fun and we laugh the whole time as we learn.  Today though...they were a bit "much".  It is like that at the end of the year virtual or not.  I was trying to demo something for a student that had asked for help (we're using an online paint program)...and the rest of the class was getting really loud.  All of the sudden, I hear a student speak up and say..."Gosh Mr. E, you look really tired or sad?!?"  Another kid jumps in...."That's not his  tired or sad face...that's fed up because we're all so loud and talking over him!"  I had to laugh!  I'm going to miss this group of kids so much next year when they go to middle school!  

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