May 28, 2021

Sometimes it doesn’t work out...

I have a lot of big and crazy ideas.  Some of my big collaborative projects I've done...I've never seen other people do.  I'm not a toolsie that causes me to be creative in figuring out solutions.  Most of the time...they work out.  MOST OF THE TIME, but not all of the time.  

I was trying to squeak in one last big collaborative project by the end of the year.  It was a giant dragon made of fabric.  I was going to place it out in the front of the school the last two days.  The kids decorated the scales, painted parts of the dragon, and helped put it together.  I got to school at 6 am on the last full day of school to put it up before anyone got there.  I tried one way.  I tried another way.  I tried yet another way.  NOTHING WAS WORKING.  The ground was two hard for my stakes.  The fabric was too heavy for the line and sagged.  The weight eventually snapped the line.  I was so frustrated.  I was so sad.  All this work, time, and money....FOR NOTHING!!!

Was it for nothing though.  I quickly snapped out of it.  I realized this was an opportunity for me to show the students that the process is as important as the product.  I needed to be able to share with them that sometimes no matter the heart...sometimes things don't work out.  AND THAT IS OK!  We learn from our mistakes and are able to be more informed for our next project. The mistakes made on this might allow us to make different choices for the next.  The students I spoke with about the failed dragon project seemed to "get it". many said...WE HAD FUN MAKING IT! 

I won't stop dreaming big...but I'll take some trouble shooting questions/thoughts into the next project! 



  1. Your transparency is so refreshing! I appreciate that you used this project to teach your students about real life.... Failure does happen, but how great that you drew out the joys along the way.

    Many times I don't try the wacky, dreamy art teachery things that pop in my head because I'm afraid to fail- but this encourages me to try anyway!

    1. Thank you Sarah!! I so wanted this project to work after the crazy year we've all had. I think though...the lesson that came out of it was more beneficial.