May 22, 2021

End of the Year Activity: Marker Check


The last week or so of school can be kind of crazy with celebrations, field days, and other activities that require us to be FLEXIBLE!! Have students help prepare your classroom for summer/start of next school year is a great way to have students stay active & take ownership!!! A major help is checking markers!  I have 16 tables in my room and a box of markers for each.  For me to check them all would take a long time....but a class makes short work of it (and they really enjoy doing it!!).  I give the students our "mat" papers we've used for Sharpies over the year and have them make a quarter size circle on it with the marker (coloring it in of coarse).  I show them what a good marker & dry marker look like before I let them get started.  I set out new markers and have them make sure the boxes are restocked with all the colors. This takes 10 min. or less when you have everyone working. can move on to another task!  

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