May 17, 2021


 I was not able to write my weekly Sunday Devotional With Mr. E this week.
(For those of you new here...almost every Sunday for the past 5 years I've written a post that connects art and faith.  I normally post that Sunday morning.)  My church asked me if I'd create a painting to co along with the new sermon series.  I LOVE that they want to include visual art...I've always felt that was something churches should embrace....allowing people to use their gifts/talents/skills to contribute to what the church does.  However, something had to give.  I'm a husband, father of three, and a full time art teacher.  I just don't have enough hours in the day.  So...I decided I'd invest the time I usually put into writing my weekly devotional into my painting (and a bunch of other hours I squeaked out here and there!).  It is 24 in x 48 in acrylic painting.  I'm not exactly sure when/how it will be used, but excited to see the church embracing us arty types!! ha ha 


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