May 25, 2021

Story Time: Lesson Learned

It was the end of my second year of teaching, and my dad had been diagnosed with cancer just a couple days before.  He told me to wait and come up after I had a day or two of rest.  He said he'd still be there in the hospital... so there was no rush. I left early in the morning a couple days after the end of the school year to make the almost nine hour drive home to Ohio.  I arrived two hours too late.  He had passed away unexpectedly.  Though they had given him six months to a year...he died 4 days after being diagnosed. Twenty two years later...this is ever present on my heart and mind.  Not because of guilt, but because I know we are not promised tomorrow here on this earth.  We need to treasure EVERY DAY, love TODAY, help TODAY, make a difference TODAY.....because tomorrow may be too late.  

It has been a rough year.  If you are a teacher...I know it has been a struggle. My hope is that you will use this summer to recharge & reflect on life.  There has been so much good in the midst of the struggle.  There always is if we take a moment to look. 

Be a blessing.  Speak life.  Lend a hand. Love. 

The first picture is my dad with me as a baby. 
The send was at my sister's wedding. 
I know he looks kind of serious...but he was hysterical & a total goof ball!!

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  1. I'm sorry you lost him so early! Thankful you have great memories of him. 💗