November 30, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Just Keep Going

New ideas bring a flood of energy.  When you are excited for a new project it feels like nothing can stop you from seeing it to fruition.  Unfortunately, this is not usually the case.  Life happens.  It could be any number of things that keep you from continuing on your initial burst of passion for a project. Friends, phone calls, the need for food, the need for sleep, and so many other of life's situations. It is amazing how easily we can be distracted from something we originally thought we'd not stop until we finished.  So what do we do when we lose our initial motivation?  JUST KEEP GOING!  Sometimes the act of pushing through brings with it a new appreciation and perspective.  
This can only add to the heart/meaning of a work of art.

It seems crazy that anyone could become tired of doing good?!?  Isn't doing good motivation in itself?  Life happens.  We see it in the church & we see it in daily life.  People feel underappreciated, dumped on, taken advantaged of, exhausted, and so many other of life's situations.  Such situations are enough to make anyone weary.  However, giving up is not the answer.  JUST KEEP GOING!  Now there may be a need for boundaries, rest, and refocusing....but we must press forward in what God has called us to as we press into him for our strength & peace.  If we keep our eyes on God & our ears attuned to his heartbeat...we will be able to keep going no matter what comes our way.

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