November 23, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Be You!

My degree program required that I had an area of concentration within art.  I chose watercolor, and had five semesters of that medium.  During those five semesters I had four different professors.  Though there is something to be said about having the opportunity to learn from a variety of experts, it also brings with it a variety of strong opinions.  Watercolor can be a "snobby" medium.  There are those who believe only certain subjects and themes are appropriate. Two of my professors were of this opinion.  Those were extremely long semesters.  I was confronted every week with negative comments concerning my work.  I could accept the critiques if it was concerning my technique,but it was always concerning the subject of my work. One of the professors spent the entire semester trying to convince me my work would be better suited for acrylic or oil.   He actually told me that I needed to switch my medium or switch my subject matter.  Though I reflected on what the professors had to say to me, I did not allow it to sway my vision/direction for my work. 

We are bombarded through relationships, media, social media, and other sources on how we should look, think, believe, and act.  Even within the church there are times where there seems to be "peer pressure".  However, we are to follow God's will for our lives....not the whims and ways of others.  How do we know what God's will is?  This is a question so many wrestle with!  In Romans 12:2 we see that we should seek after God & allow him to transform us. This is how we know his will.  When we know him and who we are in him, we are able to to withstand the pressure of what others would have us be, and stand strong in who God has called us to be. God made you to be you. You have something special to share with the world.   Pressure will come.  Don't get frustrated. Draw nearer to the Lord. Be a light to the world that is rooted in love! 

Have a beautiful week....I'm thankful for each of you!!


  1. Each week your devotionals speak to me right where I am and address the struggles of my daily walk. I love how God uses a humble art teacher in TN to speak to me teaching in a small town in the woods of northern MN! God is so good!!

    1. Amen amen!! That encourages my heart so much!!!