November 09, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Interrupted

You have an amazing idea for a project, but you have to go into work before you can sketch out your idea. You start painting, but there is a knock at the door and it is someone who really needs you.  You are ready to purchase the top of the line paint and brushes you've been dreaming of for some time, but your car breaks down and you have to invest your money in getting that fixed.  The art opening you've been so excited about happens to be the same evening you got the stomach bug.  Life has a way of interrupting our plans...just when they're getting good!  

I've used the story of Naaman(read all of chapter 5 for the whole story) before because such a good mirror to reflect on our lives.  We are all so incredibly busy.  We live life too fast, too full, and too fragmented.  Our world around us has led us to believe that we must over extend ourselves to be good parents, over spend ourselves to be like everyone else, overcommit ourselves to be good people.   All of this "too much" & "over doing" it can truly lead us to wrong thinking of our importance & worth to the Lord.  Naaman allowed his position & power to keep him from originally doing what was asked of him.  Even his leprosy did not humble his heart enough for him to respond to Elisha  initially. He was being interrupted from the importance & position which he prized most of all.   Are we much different?  God will try to use the interruptions of our life to catch our attention, refocus us, bring us back to him, but we feel our schedules, reputations, and plans are more important.  Has God been trying to get your attention? What have you had interrupted that might be an area to give over to him? What interruption are you having that might be a redirection?  What interruption is just God asking you to slow down, spend some time with him, and to find some peace & rest? 

Sorry...did I interrupt you? 

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