November 29, 2019

5 Below Finds

 I have young children(5, 8, and 10), so 5 Below is an amazing store for my family because of the great prices on many things. They have an art/craft section. Sometimes there are great things at great prices. Sometimes there are ok things at ok prices. Sometimes there are "ify" things at "ify" prices. I always take time to look through because you never know when you are going to find a hidden gem. 
I purchased these "artist pens" some time ago.(They still carry them as of Thanksgiving night.) If you have followed my #turkeyaday19 ...that is what I've been using to create my turkies. I've really enjoyed them. I've found craft store brands that perform similarly for $11-$15. These are only $3!! I feel like I've gotten my money's worth. I will say that they are water soluble, but work wonderfully other than that. I had no problems with smudging or smearing as I worked.  
I found these Thanksgiving night(our 5 Below is next to Michael's..the only stores I go to during the shopping craziness!!). I thought they looked interesting, and for $5 was worth the "risk". I liked the water brush that came with it. I didn't noticing any leaking...which some brushes like that I've had in the past did.  Though I do feel this creates the look they say it will....I wonder how long the markers will last. At times they seemed "dry", but once i applied the water performed as it should. I liked trying it, but not sure it is a must buy. I think if you found good water brushes, you could do the same with any water based marker.

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