November 20, 2019

FYI: Medical Leave

For those of you who do not follow me on social media, I have not been at school since November 1st. No, the day after Halloween wasn't that rough on me! Haha I developed cellulitis in my right leg in a pretty bad way! I spent four days in the hospital on major antibiotics & was sent home with a midline in my arm in order to self administer antibiotics. I ended up developing a blood clot in my arm where the midline was(superficial vein..not dangerous) and had to have it moved to my other arm.  It has been an adventure!! They compare it to a burn victim, and if you saw my'd understand why! Each day I'm getting better. I've been blessed with an amazing home healthcare nurse who is taking care of my leg twice a week. She is 76...has purple hair...and helped develop one of the antibiotics I'm on..back in the 80's!  She is fascinating & fun!! I will hopefully have a better idea when I can return to school next week when we see the main doctor dealing with my case. I know they want me healed before I return to school because of the risk of other germs/infections. 

Ok...that is the update! 

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