November 17, 2019

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: The Order

I've been teaching a long time. Because of this, ordering the essentials for my students is fairly easy.  There are times that I over estimate or under estimate some items, but I usually can nail the supplies I use most often with students (drawing paper, construction paper, glue, etc). However, if I'm wanting to do a "special" or new project, I don't always know how much of a product to order.  When you are given a set budget & a set time frame in which you can order for the school can't usually "fix" your mistake.  You have to live with it, make it work, or wait till the following year when you can order more of the supply you are lacking.  This can be frustrating, but somehow art teachers are able to do a lot with less.  We are able to stretch budgets and supplies to provide for our students a meaningful art experience.

Have you ever felt like God was calling you to something that you weren't able or ready to do?  I remember seeing people take on leadership roles, go on mission trips, or do something seemingly extraordinary for God with such confidence and ease.  I admired them, but never felt that I could be them.  I just wanted to stay safe and comfortable in the back pew.  

"God, I'm good right here."  
"I come every Sunday."  
"I don't have the time."
"I don't have the skill/training."
"I couldn't make that kind of sacrifice."
"Someone else would do a much better job." 
 "I'm not the person you want or need."

God is not looking for our excuses.  God is not looking for our skill/talent. 

God is looking for our availability.  
God is looking for our obedience. 
 God is looking for our heart.  

If you look throughout scripture (..Moses, David, Peter, Paul...) you will see time and time again where God uses people that were not confident, were not skilled, who didn't seem well suited for the job, or who were not the world's first choice for anything.  However, God equips, guides, and grows those he calls.  They might not have been anyone else's first choice, but God knew their heart and knew they were the right choice.  God can use those who are available, obedient, and have a heart for him to do more than you can ever imagine.  It is not about what we can do with what we have, but what God can do through us when we allow him to be Lord of our life.   

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  1. Yes and amen! I can show up prepared with lesson plans that surely will get adjusted and modified. God can use it all.