August 17, 2018

Too Big Erasers

When the back to school sales started...I found these amazing large erasers at Wal-Mart for .20 a piece!  They were bright green & blue...which are the colors of my room this year.  HAD TO GET THEM!  I though that the larger size would be great because they'd last longer.  

However...there are some issues with them!  

Here is the eraser beside a standard eraser I have in my classroom.  They aren't the jumbo ones like you find at Dollar Tree, but they are about an inch larger than the standard ones.  The problem is that they they are soft & bendable....and a bit larger than small hands seem to be able to manipulate easily. I've seen many of my younger artists struggle.  This is not what I wanted!!  Erasing should not be a struggle for them.  

I saw a few of the teachers buying the large jumbo erasers from Dollar Tree cutting them down into 4 to 6 erasers.  I decided cutting my erasers in half would probably be enough to make them easier to manage!  Here is hoping!

1 comment:

  1. I cut my erasers in half on a regular basis. Hope it has worked out well for you.