August 23, 2018

Gesture Drawing: 4th Grade

I really feel I need to push my 4th graders to consider the way people move/bend to get them to the next level.  Many still draw very stagnant/frozen/robotic looking people.  After we went over all the joints in our body & the way that they bend/move....I had the students do several gesture drawings.  THEY LOVED IT!  I really feel it did help for them to consider the way the draw people  & what they  are doing within their pictures.  

I select students to "model" for gesture drawing.  THEY THINK IT IS SO MUCH FUN!  I will ask them to pick a pose, but I'll often have to adjust them a bit so the angles are more pronounced.   I give them some props to help stabilize and give more interesting positions.  I always make sure they feel safe/stable before I have the kids start drawing.  If I see them start getting shaky...I'll have them step down.  

I will usually have the students do four gesture drawings.  On the back, they create four people with details that are in a state of motion.  

At the end of class...most of my students ask if we could do this lesson again!  I think we will revisit it Mid-Year as a refresher.

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