August 27, 2018

Collage Self Portraits: 2nd Grade

My students are finishing up their second day working on collage self portraits!  For the most part...I'm thrilled with the results.  There are a lot of students that still seem to struggle with using scissors & glue properly, but I feel so much of this is lack of experience from  home & classroom.  Students spend more time with TV & electronic devices...and less time "making stuff".  Also, the demands on classroom teachers prevents them from having much time to cut, past, and craft to go along with their content.  All that said...I really am pleased with my students' work.

They each started by selecting three sheets of construction paper.  
We talked about how to cut the head/neck/ears/nose & how to cut the shirt to create a "bust" self portrait collage.  After this, I did a quick demo on cutting out the eyes/lips/hair/ & other details.  
At first I thought we'd be able to do this in one class time, but I quickly realized a second day would be needed.  In the second day we did a quick gallery walk around the room & then back to work.  We ended the class with another gallery walk after clean up & some complement sharing! 


  1. Great self portrait ideas! I want my Art History students to do a self portrait for their Passport this year. Now the wheels are turning to make the portrait an Art History lesson! Thanks for the inspiration. Love the Sunday Devo’s too!

  2. These are really great! Thanks for the inspiration for my next class with 2nd graders.

  3. This is amazing I like this thank you u are cool dude