August 16, 2018


For several years I've kicked off the school year with a collaborative painting project with all my students.  This year because of how they scheduled Kindergarten...I was only able to have one of their classes participate.   

  • We looked at the artist Jason Woodside (  He is AMAZING...and has a large mural here in Nashville! If you don't know his work..check it out.  The kids LOVED IT! 
  • I had a very thick/canvas type material donated to me that I used for the students to paint on.  I used a cheap plastic table cloth underneath knowing that some of the paint would seep through.  
  • I used a yardstick to draw basic lines down first. Later I had students help in drawing the smaller patterns after the first class each day painted in the background color.  I had rulers and circle shapes available for them to trace.  
  • The class was working on self portraits at their seats while I brought groups of four back to paint on the collaborative piece.  We used tempera paint because of its fast drying & washability(it was not washable paint, but most tempera does wash out fairly easy if messes are made...and on the first days of school...messes can be made! ha ha)  
  • The last group of the day used asked if they could add black out lines...I was ok with that, but once they did looked more like Romero Britto than Jason Woodside.  Oh well...still beautiful! 

DAY ONE                           DAY TWO

DAY THREE                        DAY FOUR

After the work was dry...I cut out sections of the fabric and mounted it on the cardboard backing of these picture frames.  They use to have class in them...but over the years the glass had broken.  Lucky for me...they had just shoved them in a closet!! I asked the principal if I could repurpose them...and she was more than happy for me to do so!  I had to fix some hooks, patch up some scratches, and rewire some backs...but it was totally worth it!  I was able to get 7 works hung from the fabric we painted in the four days.  The halls look lovely & kid focused....and everyone has commented how much they enjoy them!! 

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