August 20, 2018

Sharknado Obsession

This falls under the eclectic information portion of my blog! 😂 
If you follow me on other social may have seen my posts.

I LOVE SHARKNADO!!!  When the first movie came out 6 years ago...I was curious about the idea, but thought it would be pretty horrible.  Well, the CGI was terrible, the story was flat out crazy, and the acting was...hmmm.  There is no reason that it should have worked....but it did!  I fell in love with this crazy movie....and my fondness for it only grew as more movies came out.  

I decided to do a little needle felting during the movie!  
What do ya think?

I also found this shark stuffed animal 50% off at Wal-Mart(left over from the "other" shark week!) & found the cup at 5Below. (I also made "shark snacks" for the movie!! ha ha) 
My wife thinks I'm crazy! 

About a month before the movie....Sharknado SYFY tweeted out the question "What do you like about Sharknado?"  My answer got picked up. 

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