October 29, 2017

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: PURPOSE

There are a million things that can shake our confidence & derail us from our purpose.    The arts have a way of being more than just a job...it is very personal.  Our art & our art teaching is an extension of who we are, our ideas, our beliefs, our talents, and our abilities. When someone questions or criticizes these things....it can (at times) cause us to question why & what we do.  I've seen artists & art teachers struggle with self doubt, and become ineffective because of it. Some might think that we just need to develop a thicker skin, not be so wishy-washy, or have more confidence.  That is at times easier said than done.  

Nehemiah knew what he was called to do.  Even when those around him were questioning, criticizing, and fearful.  Nehemiah didn't call into question his purpose.  Nehemiah didn't throw up his hands in despair.  Nehemiah cried out to God and said "STRENGTHEN MY HANDS".  This is not someone who has forgotten what he was called to do, but someone who is asking the Lord to help fulfill his purpose.  It doesn't say that he never struggled, but that because he knew who he was & what he was to do....he pressed on through whatever came his way.  

What are you called to do?  What causes you to doubt or question your purpose?  What steps do you need to do so that the doubts and the questions do not take you from your calling.  I believe teaching art is my purpose God has called me.  When lower than expected evaluations come, parents complain about my grading practices, students do not behave as they should, or lessons seem to fall flat....instead of throwing up my hands in resignation......I call out to the Lord and ask Him to STRENGTHEN MY HANDS!!!!     


  1. I am praying for strength in my hands and in my mind (my mind seems to be the culprit here) Happy Sunday to you and your family, and thank you once again for your posts.

  2. Strength is from God and comes when we seek Him in all of the big and small things! Strength in quietness and strength in community! We cannot do any of it alone. Strength to stay positive when by all appearances there's no solution. Maybe it is a discovery of sorts.

  3. I needed to read this today. I feel like classroom management issues are sucking the joy from me. It's only a few students, but the impact is real and the climate in my building is one of enabling and tolerance. I am so tired. But I shall persevere and focus on the good!