October 06, 2017

Collaborative Fall Bulletin Board(The Pieces)

It is that weird time of year where we are finishing a nine weeks & fall break is about to start.  However, I have a day that is out of sink with this schedule.  Sometimes it is two or three days(around Christmas)....so I almost always have my out of sink day(s) help me create the large bulletin board at the front of the school.  
Kindergarten created these full page (12x18) leaf paintings for the background of the bulletin board.  They loved working with tempera, but some where rather colorful by the end of class(the artwork & THE STUDENTS!! ha ha

I don't feel I captured the beauty of these leaves my 4th graders painted.  We reviewed color mixing & blending colors.  The picture just don't do them justice...they are very pretty up close!! (tempera)

My other students created pattern leaves using marker.  
Some are super fun & whimsical.  

Stay tuned to see what the finished board looks like(after break). 

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