October 24, 2017

Dino Hatchling Collages: Kindergarten

This week is the second class time for the kindergarten dinosaur unit I'm doing!  I wanted to revisit collage so that my students could become more proficient with scissor & glue use.  They just aren't having the opportunities in there classrooms!!(Not the teachers fault at all...just the kindergarten is now-a-days!)  I started with the story THREE LITTLE DINOSAURS

I allowed the students to select one big piece of paper(background), one small piece of paper(dino), and one white piece of paper(egg) at the beginning of class. 

The started by drawing an oval for the egg.  Once they cut it out, I had them cut a zigzag line across the middle.  I then had them fold their small colored piece of paper in half.  They drew an oval and cut it out(with paper folded to get two of the same shape/size).  I showed them how to cut a wedge shape out for the mouth.  We then used our scraps to make the eye, arms, and tail.  After students glued it down...I allowed them to get crayons to add details.

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