October 04, 2017

Multicultural Fair Project

Last night was our Annual Multicultural Fair!  
  I have a video & some pictures sharing my part in this fun & successful school event!
After watching the video & looking through the pictures & descriptions...please feel free to contact me if you have questions about doing a project like this at a special event! I'm always happy to help!

I precut mask shapes out of cardstock paper that had been donated. The only thing it cost was some time.  I also filled up bowls with some crayons, markers, and a few odds & ends that had been donated.  I was trying to keep this from coming out of my supplies I use for the students.

I drew a couple large mask shapes for people to dot when they were waiting to be seated or after they finished their own mask.  The dotters were sent to me to test & the paper was given to me buy a local business....so once again...not coming out of student supplies/art budget.

Dotting Away!! 

Some finished fabulous masks!

Even some parents got into it!!! ha ha  

Here are the finished large masks!!  (now hanging in the hallway!

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