April 05, 2015

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Easter Edition

In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here; he has risen!  Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee; 'The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again'"


Luke 24:5-8
I got home from work & my 3 yr old hands me this drawing.

My 6 yr old made me this for me... 
she said "Jesus is in our heart & He loves us!"

As an elementary art educator, I'm working with over 500 students each & every week.  While I'm happy to report a majority of students enjoy art, work hard, and almost always try do their best......there are some that do not.  I attempt to reach those students that seem disinterested, insecure, and disconnected, or just don't seem to get it.  I try to come up with intros, lessons, media, and connections that will grab their attention and bring them on board.  I've literally jumped up & down, and made a total fool of myself in an attempt to engage my students in learning.  Sometimes I feel like my words & work are to no avail.  No matter what I do...they just don't seem to get it or want to get it.  That is FRUSTRATING!  Then one day when you least expect it...they are like..."OH!! THAT'S WHAT YOU MEANT?!!"  (now picture me banging my head against the wall repeatedly).  

In Luke we see the women at the tomb.  Their hearts are broken.  Their futures are uncertain.  Jesus their Lord was dead.  How could it be?  Wasn't He the Messiah? Wasn't Jesus THE ONE? AND NOW HIS BODY IS MISSING?  They are confronted by the angels in the midst of their panic/uncertainty , and they are reminded of what Jesus had said...."on the third day be raised again."  


This cracks me up. THEN THEY REMEMBERED HIS WORDS(after the angels reminded them)!  How could they forget such a thing?  They walked with Jesus!  They knew His voice! How could they forget such an important part of God's plan when He spoke those very words to them(collective them..not just the women at the tomb).  

In the midst of my high & mighty head shaking at the thought of such a thing...God reminded me how I do the same exact thing...DAILY!  I have the HOLY SPIRIT, THE WORD OF GOD, AND PRAYER, yet I still doubt or do things my own way when they go directly against what I know is true. I live as if I've not heard these things spoken by my Lord?!?  I doubt just as they did.  What does the Lord have to do to get me to understand?  Does He need to jump up and down, try new things, get something flashy to catch my attention?  I am thankful that God repeats Himself!  I am glad God is patient...and long suffering. I'm blessed that my Lord knows that I got issues...and these issues sometimes get in my way of learning/understanding/implementing.  He is a God that wants us to REMEMBER HIS WORDS....even if it isn't the first time around.

On this Resurrection Sunday....thank the Lord for being patient/long suffering with us!! And thank Him for being a God of second chances(and third..forth..fifth...etc).  

HE IS RISEN!!(Just as He said!!!)

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for coming, living, loving, teaching, dying, and resurrecting.
 Thank you for your example. 
Thank you for being the BEST teacher.
May we be patient, kind, and loving with all those around us who don't seem to "get it" the first time.  May we speak your truth in love over and over and over again.  May we be Your light in this world...reflecting You to all who cross our path.  \


  1. Thank you for this - it is good to hear other art teachers writing about the Lord. I am thankful that He repeats Himself, too! With much gratitude, Anna Nichols

  2. Thank you for sharing, not only your faith, but God's Word with your readers! God bless you.

  3. loved this, Ted. good writing!

  4. Just what I needed! Thank you :-)