April 29, 2015


No denying Cassie Stephens has taken the art ed world by storm with her amazing custom made art themed outfits...as well as her quality content for teaching visual arts.  She is a power house!!  I am happy to count her as a friend & peer!(she use to teach just down the road from me)  I have to say though...after seeing her latest creation from a hat making workshop she attended...I was a bit jealous!  So I decided to BE LIKE CASSIE....and create my own doughnut hat!  

I think mine turned out AWESOME...and much more delicious than Cassie's could ever be! ha ha
(hee hee...much love Cassie!!)

1 comment:

  1. Okay, I admit it: Your hat is prolly much tastier than mine! We did have donuts in my art room today...and they were much easier to digest than my felted number ;) Dig the Donut Topper, dude!