April 17, 2015


I learned about the SPORE Project last year...but did not get a chance to participate.  I thought it was a super fun and whimsical idea...I knew I had to try it.  At the heart of it...it is an effort to spread the message of creativity & art education.  Participants take pictures of their "installations" and  post them on the Facebook page or send it to the person that started it all (go to the link below my picture to find out more information).  Their have been SPORE pictures taken on ALL the continents!! HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!?!  
(oh...the title is for the Smurf theme I can't get out of my head because of the mushrooms!!)  

I'm going to be doing the mushrooms with my Kindergarten & 1st Grade students.  It fits best into their curriculum & I like giving them more opportunity for color mixing and painting!!  I plan to "plant" our mushrooms around our Kandinsky project in front of the school!!  In my head..it will look amazing.  We shall see!!  This is also a great time to talk to students about temporary art,  working as a group, and installations!!! Hopefully I'll have them out by the end of next week as long as it isn't raining!  Stay tuned!

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