April 07, 2015

How Do You Prepare?

How do you prepare for an art show/all school art show?

If' you've ever done a large scale art show...you know it is a lot of work!  What are some tips/tricks you have for making such an event a bit easier on yourself?  

Above you see my signs I make for each class.  I theme my art show each year(A World Of Art).  This does not make things easier...but is one of those MUST DO's for me.  

Do you have any MUST DO's? 

How do you (or do you?) get volunteers involved in your art show?

Is Your art show tied to any other events.....PTO...Music..Fundraiser..etc?


  1. I admire all of you who put on school wide art shows! I'm very very lucky to be able to participate in the largest student art showcase in the south!

    we just finished up yesterday! I even had 5 kids win awards a new record for me.