April 30, 2015

While I Was Proctoring...

This week has been TCAP...TN's state standardized test.  GOOD TIMES!  We have to proctor during this time...and then they do a modified schedule.  The classes all come to us on their regular day, but in a different order & for shorter class times.  We do not get a planning time during these days.  
I took my sketch book and started dreaming about next year.  I'm going to do a science connection next year....so I was coming up with ideas for bulletin boards and displays.  I'm really getting excited about this.  I'm kind of a nerd...ok...I AM A NERD...A BIG SCIENCE NERD!!!  I remember during my student teaching...I had the students imagine they were a piece of food someone just ate..and they had to create what the environment of the stomach would look like.  So this isn't anything new. Ha ha!  The teacher I was proctoring for gave me their science test prep workbook.  I pulled a lot of great ideas from there.  So even though I don't enjoy the schedule during TCAP...I made the most of my time!!

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