August 29, 2014

Kandinsky Inspired Mixed Media Still Life

My student teacher jumped into painting her first week of creating her own lessons!! Pretty proud of her for doing that.  So much time management goes into painting...but this project even more so!!  They looked at Kandinsky's Concentric Circles as their background inspiration.  We used black and white paint to create an interesting...but neutral background.  They then did a simple still life...colored with crayons..cut it out..and glued it down.  We later switched to a sunflower still life & found greater success.  Who knew coloring an apple CORRECTLY would be so challenging.  And while I'm speaking about challenging...THEY COULD NOT DO A SIMPLE FOUR LINE GRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!  She had to actually demo it...draw a line here...draw a line draw a line here...etc!  We learned from the first day's class not to take such things for granted!! ha ha  

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