August 13, 2014

Books in the Art Room

In the matter of 3 days...I received two comments on my blog & two e-mails asking about the books I use in the art room!  So I took that as a sign for what I should blog about! ha ha  

I always start every lesson for Kindergarten with a book.  I have a large I can match just about any lesson I'm teaching to a story.  I've grown my library through several means. I have written grants.  I have bought them using my personal money.  I've had family members buy me books for Christmas or my Birthday.  Discarded books from the library.  School book fairs(they gave all the profits to the teacher to buy books for their classroom!!!!).  Wish Lists.  School funds earmarked for classroom needs.  

And if you don't have extra funds...personal or school...there is always your school & local library!  

Below is a link to our district curriculum's BOOK LIST.  It is by no means exhaustive.  There are new books I'm finding ALL THE TIME!!!

Also take a look on my Pinterest page.  I have a board marked BOOKS I USE IN THE ART ROOM.  They are linked to AMAZON if you want to buy it...just click.  
I think my pinterest page is  

If you are just getting started...look for books that are around 32 pages.  Image rich are also important for young learners.  Think in books, fall books, winter books, dino books..etc.  They will be the most useful connecting lessons.  




  1. Thanks for sharing your districts reading list. That is really helpful to see and to have. I am going to investigate as to whether my district has such a thing. It sure makes it easier to make connections when you have that type of information.

    1. I created this list the last time we rewrote our curriculum. We wanted to tie it to themes as people could more easily use it!