August 09, 2014

Tour of My Art Room

    Cassie Stephens inspired me to do a video tour of my classroom after seeing hers!! 
 Just in case it doesn't work on your computer, I'll throw in the pictures as well!! 
Basically the same layout I've used the past few years.  My room is about twice the size as a normal classroom.  It was designed as an art room when the school opened in 1989.  I'm thankful for the space!!!

This year I'm really going to push geography/social studies...each nine weeks we'll go to two continents and visit a bunch of countries!!  Stay tuned for our adventure!!!

I have a box for each class.  Makes storing things so much easier!!


I have A LOT of books!!  I read to Kindergarten every time they come, 
and sometimes to the older students as well.

This is supply central!

Each table has a number(which I match to my color theme every year), an eraser, and two sharpeners(in the plastic container).  I sometimes have problems with students stabbing the erasers...but other than that...this has worked for me.  I'd rather them have it at their table then getting up to sharpen a pencil and get an eraser.  I know some of you fear the students taking the sharpeners or erasers...but I've never had that problem.  Sometimes things end up in the crayon/marker/color pencil box...but they are always found.  


  1. Looks great! I'm going to try to read more to my kids this year. I have middle school (6-8) so they kinda like it, and sometimes are too cool....however, I got the ok to read the Grimm Brothers' Fairy a Tales so I think they will like it. We will see. Good luck with your year!

  2. A couple of questions - that one itty-bitty window is your only outside light?? Yikes! And it looks like you have a teee-tiny sink. How many students do you generally have a in a class?

  3. Hi,

    I like to read to my classes also. Could you share some of your favorite books that you like to read? That might be something your could share in a post;)

  4. Hi!
    I'd love to hear about your classroom management system. I see some clothespins and colorful construction paper and was curious as to what you do. Thanks!

  5. I, too, would love any book suggestions you have. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am a retired ART teacher (40) years. I am awed by your classroom! I am subbing long term in an art class this year and I will definitely use ideas from your blog! I love everything you have done and I wish you the very best! Sally from Las Vegas.

  7. This just makes me envious Mr E. I am in a space 4 meters by 8 meters. We have cushions on the floor because there isn't the space for chairs. Yours is amazing.

  8. Love the white surface on your bookshelf to draw on. What did you use to cover it? Thanks :)

  9. Hey Mr. E,

    Great video tour! I'm about a week away from the beginning of my school year and I wanted some art room inspiration. I love the word wall and it gave me an idea for making more use of the metal radiators that line one of my walls--I teach Pre-K - 2nd grade art and your word wall made me think that I should put pictures along with art vocab for my beginning readers.

    Come visit my blog !