August 21, 2014

Funny Flamingo

This post started off being about the still life drawings my students are working on this week.  However, as I started photographing them...I noticed the faces of the flamingo were all so different! 
So here are the fabulous & funny flamingo faces!!! 
This is what Mr./Mrs. Flamingo actually looked like! 

When ya run out of gotta do what ya gotta do!
So this makes him look like Daffy Duck when he gets hit in the face with something!!

This is kind of scary when you are flipping through all the profile flamingos...
and then this dude is staring at you!

I don't know...maybe you all aren't as amused.  They made me smile/laugh...and I wanted to share it with you!!  The variety is crazy...which I'd really love...if it wasn't a still life & they were suppose to look like the original.  
Oh least my kids are all original!!!!!!! 


  1. The last one kidda looks like a dinosaur. : )

  2. So funny! This made me laugh, too. Love the flamingo staring back at ya!