August 07, 2014


                                         Responsible. On Task. Appropriate. Respectful.
ROAR is part of our school wide positive behavior plan.  When my principal asked if I would do a team building time during the first day of inservice....I knew I wanted to cover an old mural I had done 11 yrs ago.  I originally was going to use large foam sheets, but they broke into a million pieces as  I walked  out of Home Depot on a windy day( no joke! ). I remembered I had a large amount of canvas type fabric in my room.  I cut it into four panels....about 6 foot tall by 3 foot wide each. I drew out the letters on each(while watching Sharknado 2), and broke them into sections.  During the inservice I taught the teachers about Zentangles....and they used Sharpies to create their tangles. They loved it!!!  My student teacher outlined the letters with black paint.  I used red glitter ribbon to outline the top and bottom of the banners.  I love that this was created by faculty....and that they are so proud!!!



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  1. The mural looks great. I love the ROAR acronym. I am also running a creative pd for my faculty on day 2 of our back to work time (we have 7 days in our county before students return) I decided to work on collaboration as a theme and create circle murals. I am thinking we can hang them throughout the halls to enliven the spaces to welcome students back!